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Efficiency and transparency are our guarantees.

Eontrade Limited has been founded in 2018, after the merger with Flipside and the acquisition by Bentera Capital in 2019, the new company that has come to life is the actual Eontrade Inv Limited headquartered in Leeds, UK.

We are providing our services since 2 years, with thousands of satisfied investors and private companies. Eontrade is already a well-established and solid reality, we are finally ready to launch our new platform and to welcome our public audience with an effective, simple and intuitive interface.

Our business model is based on cryptocurrency trading and stock market. Our methodology applies both complicated automated trading instances, using our proprietary bots, and manual trading operations followed by our market operators for medium to long term transactions.

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Trading company regularly licensed

We obtained cryptocurrency and virtual currency license, we are entitled to provide services for exchanging, circulating, transferring and storing virtual currency and cryptocurrency to our customers in local offices and worldwide using digital channels for transferring informations and services.

Regularly licensed

We own all the legal documents and trade licenses that provides legitimacy to our company and gives the ability to perform as investment company.

Offering services since 2018

Born as Eontrade Limited in 2018 we went through a merger and corporate re-acquisition in 2019, as result we expanded and strengthened.

Thousands of satisfied customers

Our company offers services to more than 8000 customers worldwide, offering investment services in cryptocurrency trading and in the traditional market, respectively.

Satisfaction of the client at first place

We think that a good service also passes through an excellent support, for this reason we provide 24/7 support, our technicians will always be ready to solve your problems and doubts.

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