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Daily Return: 0.00000040 BTC

For: 20 Days

Total Return: 0.00000505 BTC

Use our calculator tool to check also the min-max allowed for each method of payment.

Complete control over your portfolio

Eontrade is an advanced multicoin platform solution with a simplified interface, to meet the needs of every type of user, even the less experienced. It has a friendly dashboard and has been projected to offer a full experience on tablet, and mobile devices. It works in all browsers and our clients are free to keep control of their investments and request their profits anywhere they go.

Secure platform

Eontrade is the perfect solution for people that want a stable income without capital risk, avoiding useless headaches. You can get an interesting income just sitting on your couch. Track your progress and earn along the way.

Looks great anywhere

Designed to work on desktop, smartphone and mobile devices, improving users experience in full comfort is a must. Manage your investments even when you are away from home.

Services all over the world

Our platform is now offering services to over 90 countries, with more than 70 administrative offices all over the world. We are planning during 2020 to open also new offices for reception and customer support.

Great professionals great outcome

The key to the success of a company that offers services is to have capable and competent people. This is why we invest a lot in improving our technical methods and professional refresher courses for our traders.

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Improve your profits today

We offer a stable and guaranteed income without any capital risks, this makes the difference from the other investment companies.

Your data are safe with us

Every data and personal information managed by our servers is protected using the most rigorous encryption techniques.

Easy to manage

There are many other investment platforms but the the majority of them are complex to use and nobody offers our results.

Powerful dashboard

Control your investments and portfolio.

We offer you 3 stable and profitable investment plans but you can use our platform also as a storage wallet! Don't worry about the security of your assets because we store everything on cold wallets, that means maximum security. Try our services and if you are not satisfied you can contact our support and interrupt the investment plan at any time and the amount invested will be returned to you, we want our customers to always be satisfied.

Work with us

Are you an ambitious person and do you want to build a career in our company?

Eontrade is already a strong company but as every young reality it is interested in its further development. Our AFFILIATE PROGRAM allows you to receive a reward up to 7% for each customer deposit invited by you to use our services, 2% for each secondary level and 1% for third levels. Many of our partners already successfully and efficiently refer customers using social networks, websites, blogs, and forums. What are you waiting for?

"Focus on creating and growing your projects and wealth. We‘ll take care of providing a guaranteed and secure profit for our clients, every day. Believe always in your potential and work with professional people who can give you the best results"


Your money are always secured

We have the best security infrastructure, your money are protected by guarantee funds:
that means risks are zeroed!

Access to your business on the go

Eontrade is developing both an iOS app and an Android app to make our platform easy to use and always available. Some of the Embedded confirmed features that will be available in our mobile application:

- Safe mobile wallet where store your money with an interesting fixed rate without investing.

- API support to connect EonApp to the main trading platforms.

- Promotion kit to share our platform to your contacts in few clicks.

Estimated release date for Q1 2020.